We strive to provide the utmost quality care and service to our clients.  We specialize in home cleaning, property management and home concierge services. If you have any questions please call or visit our contact page.

Home Cleaning

You deserve a Home Concierge Service Cleaner to make your life easier. You deserve professional house cleaning. Hardworking First and foremost, you need a clean house. We will make sure you’re comfortable and we will put in the time and energy necessary for a polished home cleaning. 


Often, you’ll be leaving you home unprotected when we come by. The hallmark of an expert Home Concierge Service employee is the commitment to professional, trustworthy conduct.  It is our responsibility to have a deep level of trust with you.


If you provide clear instruction, we will pay attention! We know you want to ensure that, if you’re paying a part-time cleaner, we’re committed to reaching every last corner and crevice. 


There will be times when you need something cleaned last minute. Our loyal employees won’t think twice about this, so long as we are free to do so.  


Life is never as planned. We are the ones who will make every effort to help you and your family succeed.



We care for your home as if it were our own. We treat every client like family, with respect and a passion to help in any way we can.

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Property Maintenance

Is this your full-time home, second home, summer home, or just going on vacation?

Let us be your property Maintenance partner while you’re gone.

We can help with any or all of your needs. Set up and manage rental sites, Airbnb staging, offer your renters concierge services, create wonderful welcome gifts for your guests, shop and stock all the supplies needed for renting, full cleaning services provided by our own staff, dependable team to service the home if anything needs repair, 24/7 service provided for you and your guest. We want you to be confident that we will manage your property as if it was our own home that we love.

Communication and On Call

This is truly a must! We are actively listening to any issues you or your guests may be experiencing. We are available beyond business hours. This means being contactable via cell phone as well as alternative means (like skype, text, and email). The reality is — running an Airbnb, like a hotel, is a 24/7 commitment so we will be on hand to both assist your guests and/or assist you as a host/owner.

Expert care

We have teamed up with Contractors that can do just about anything you need and get the job done right. These are honest, dependable, hard working people we trust. Our contractors range from electricians, plumbers, painters, heating & cooling, power washing/window cleaning, handyman, remodeling and home designers.


  • Welcome home packages – Stock refrigerator or home with any wanted or necessary items.

  • Meeting Service Professionals – Meeting and subcontractor to be let in for a job, then closing up the house again.

  • Cleaning – Everything is clean and ready for homeowners or guest use at any time

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Home Concierge


All our concierge services are available to the homeowners,

family, friends, & rental guests.


Who wants to spend the first and last few hours taking care of household chores and errands when you could be using the time to be at the beach, on your boat, or curled up with a book doing nothing!

Let us do all your running around and give you endless amounts of special touches to make your time at the beach house filled with memories every time.


We aren’t forgetting our year-round friends. We provide you with any of our concierge services so that you have more time to do what you love or just need the help!

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